Olympus WS852 - Digital Notetakers


Main Features of the Olympus WS852


Digital notetaker, built in 4GB memory, stereo microphone, MP3 recording format, USB direct connection, 2x - 0.5x playback speed control, dot matrix display, external micro SD slot

£50.63 (£60.76 inc.VAT)
Olympus WS-852 4GB Digital Notetaker

Additional Specifications

The WS-852 Stereo Recorder is perfect for capturing notes, meetings or lectures. With an ample 4GB memory plus an in-built microSD slot (max 32GB), this MP3 recorder offers more than 1000 hours in mono or 43 hours in stereo. The integrated USB stick also allows connection to a computer without the need for a cable. Battery life is also over 100 hours using 2 x AAA alkaline batteries.

PC USB connection, 2x - 0.5x playback speed control, fast forward and rewind skip controls (10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min & 5 min), max 99 index marks, built-in stereo microphone, MP3 recording mode
3.9 x 11.15 x 1.8mm

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