Aurora AX595TV - Scientific/Financial


Main Features of the Aurora AX595TV


TrueView® 4 line dot matrix, 254 functions, fractions, ×/÷/-/+/=/π/√/M+/M-/%, table functions, fraction/decimal conversion, expression editing, degrees/radians & gradians, trigonomics, hyperbolics, statistics data editor, 6 types of regression analysis, black

£6.61 (£7.93 inc.VAT)
Aurora AX-595TV Scientific Calculator Black

Additional Specifications

The Aurora AX-595TV has a TrueView dot matrix display, which is great for displaying fractions and mathematical operators exactly as you would find them in a textbook. Combine this with TrueLogic algebraic entry and you have a great calculator suitable for use on all UK exams, that permit the use of calculators.

POWER SOURCE: 1 x LR44 included

To download the free Classroom Emulator software for this calculator, go to and follow the online instructions.
8.3 x 15.4 x 1.8mm

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